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Merchant Branded Apps for Mobile Ordering & Loyalty


Merchant Branded App

We know your brand is unique.
Mpathix makes it possible for you to have your own branded mobile app so that your customers can make orders for your carefully crafted offerings:  quickly, easily, and reliably.


Order Notifications and Easy Pickup

Customers are automatically notified when their order is ready for pickup. No guessing.  No cold coffees.


Loyalty Programs

Mpathix will help you develop your own rewards program so that you can keep your customers coming back time after time.

With a smartphone in every pocket, mobile ordering and loyalty programs have become a necessity to cater to customers who have come to expect convenience and rewards. 

Mobile Ordering and Loyalty have been proven to:  

  1. DELIVER CONVENIENCE - Mobile ordering allows customers to order from the convience of their smartphones and cut down on wait times in the store.
  2. INCREASE AVERAGE ORDER SIZE - It's no secret that mobile ordering increases average order size.  It allows customers to order exactly what they want and provides opportunities to present suggestions for complimentary products (how about a muffin with that coffee?).  
  3. DRIVE REPEAT BUSINESS - Mobile ordering combined with effective loyalty programs is a wildly successful combination.  Why should this success be limited to the big brands?  You could be increasing your coffee sales further and faster by offering your own mobile ordering and loyalty program!

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