Mission Critical Technology Products for the Telecom Industry

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 Mpathix is a leading provider of messaging services to telecom carriers aggressively pursuing growth.

  We combine industry standard technology with our core strength of developing high reliability, high transaction, and high scalability systems.

From our Toronto, Canada headquarters, Mpathix supports 15 million subscribers in customer networks throughout the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Latin America and Asia/Pacific regions.


The Mpathix Platform

Our open architecture and standard interfaces provide network operators with the scalability, flexibility, reliability, and value they need to compete effectively. 

Our robust platform is designed to meet the demands of a 24x7 environment and 99.999% reliability, all with the practicality of industry standard, off-the-shelf hardware.



Around the world, both wireless and wireline carriers use Mpathix Voicemail to provide their subscribers with quality, reliable voicemail service.   
From a simple voicemail box expected as part of wireless phone service, to the feature-rich messaging required by business users, carriers can be sure that Mpathix delivers on the messaging needs that satisfy all their subscribers.


Visual Voicemail

Smartphones are everywhere.  It is today's device of choice to stay connected.  Mpathix ensures that voice messages can be accessed easily by subscribers, wherever they go.


Short Messaging 

With Mpathix SMSC, wireless carriers can support high volume messaging with a high transaction and high scalability system that ensures subscribers can stay connected with each other, and the services they love.

Mpathix Technical Support

Let the expertise of the Mpathix Support Team help you keep your messaging network running smoothly and your subscribers satisfied.  We're here for you all the time because we know your subscribers expect service 24 x 7.


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87 Skyway Ave, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario


+1 (416) 849-4210