Products & Services: Mobile Email

Drive more revenue from your data investment

Mpathix Mobile Email utilizes your existing data network and MMS system to "push" emails directly to your subscribers' mobile phone. The immediacy and personalized nature of mobile email can help drive up revenue generating activity through increased MMS and voice usage. With this service:
  • Users can receive their email on any standard MMS capable phone
  • Users can receive and reply to their email from all POP3 and IMAP4 email accounts
  • Emails are pushed directly to the users inbox
  • MMS attachments are fully supported

Easy to setup, easy to use

Unlike enterprise email solutions, this service meets the specific needs of consumers:
  • No software upgrades required
  • Easy setup for your existing email accounts
  • User control of emails by time, sender and urgency
  • Familiar inbox experience

Finally, a solution that meets the needs of the mass-market.