Products & Services: Voicemail to MMS

A whole new way to look at voicemail

Voicemail to MMS combines Mpathix Voicemail with your existing MMS data messaging capabilities to deliver a user-centric visual voicemail experience. Voicemails are pushed via MMS directly to the mobile phone, where they are accessible via the user's inbox. Users can view a complete listing of the messages and select which messages they would like to hear.

Simple, visual, immediate

Mpathix Voicemail to MMS simplifies the voicemail experience by providing the following:
  • Intuitive interface
  • Single-click access
  • Simpler response
  • Single inbox
  • Local storage

Differentiate your services, offload traffic, generate ad revenue

With this service, carriers can:
  • Attract new customers
  • Offload voice traffic
  • Improve data utilization
  • Generate advertising revenue
  • Stimulate MMS usage

The future of voicemail is here