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The Future of Voicemail: The Business Drivers Behind Voicemail to MMS
Mobile operators are exploring more efficient ways to deliver voicemail. Unlike traditional IVR voicemail, next generation voicemail will allow subscribers to look at a list of messages and listen to them in any order. This technology has the potential to radically alter the voicemail industry. To help carriers evaluate this opportunity, this paper explores the business drivers behind voicemail to mms. More

Consumer Mobile Email: Driving More Profit from your MMS Investment
Is your MMS service unloved, under-used, or unprofitable? Are you struggling to find ways to increase your MMS traffic? Would new MMS based services help your bottom line? This guide explores applications you can deploy to drive MMS traffic. More

An Advanced VoIP Migration Strategy for CLECs, ILECs
In a turbulent telecom environment, traditional carriers will always face ROI challenges. Increasing competition, evolving customer needs, and increasing costs make operating profitably more difficult. Voice over IP (VoIP) presents both more challenges and more options for CLECs and ILECs: more competitors on the one hand, but the potential to significantly lower operating costs on the other. While service providers have large investments in legacy technology, new IP-based services are gaining traction as the business models of the future. As a result, these carriers are looking for sensible and cost effective ways to make the transition to IP. More

Open Systems - Getting Beyond the Hype
"Next Generation." "Open architecture." "Open system." These are the buzzwords of today's IT and telecom industries. There's no denying that an open system approach is what vendors are using to create platforms that are expandable in both capacity and features. There's also no denying that because of this approach, flexibility in the use of hardware can be achieved, eliminating the past fears of lock-in, high costs and obsolescence. But among the voices extolling the virtues of this approach to system design, are there any with words of caution? More

Voicemail as a Competitive Weapon
Voicemail is a must-have feature in every telecom network. After basic dial tone in wireline networks or airtime in wireless networks, it is one of the most important features in terms of revenue, subscriber retention, and cost of operation. Clearly, treating voicemail as a competitive weapon makes sense. The question More