Solutions: Migrations
In the competitive telecom environment, carriers are driven by the need to respond quickly as user demands change and technology evolves. Based on open architecture, the Mpathix MX platform easily integrates with the latest technologies and unlike competitive legacy systems, is a truly future-proof investment.

Subscribers depend on voicemail. That's why migration needs to be as simple and transparent as possible. From planning a migration path from existing systems to evaluating current offerings and creating feature packages that match them, Mpathix is there every step of the way. Our knowledgeable staff are experienced in integrating equipment into live telecom networks and will work with a service provider's provisioning team, network management team, billing system team and switch engineers to ensure a smooth implementation.

Mpathix will also populate the initial database with user profiles so that carriers need only adjust call routing to point unanswered calls to the MX platform. Service providers may also choose to offer subscribers temporary access to their previous voice messaging system through a single key press.