Solutions: New Deployments
Today's subscribers have come to depend on voicemail. To remain competitive, service providers need to offer it as part of their basic service. With Mpathix, carriers can effortlessly and economically offer voicemail as a bundled service to all subscribers.

With a new network deployment, service providers are not tied down to past offerings but rather, want to match services to the subscribers that will pay for them. Mpathix offers a wide breadth of features that allows carriers to customize their service offerings to target different customer segments.

The MX Platform can be deployed quickly to meet network-readiness deadlines and can easily be integrated into today's networks through SIP, SS7, T1/E1/ports, and TCP-IP connectivity. Scalability up to 1,440 universal ports per node and the ability to link multiple nodes makes it easy to grow as voicemail usage grows.

Why deploy a legacy system in a new network? The MX Platform enables service providers to keep pace with the latest technologies while protecting their initial investment.