Solutions: Wireless Carriers
Wireless service providers face a number of challenges, including a need to increase average revenue per user (ARPU), decrease customer churn, and introduce new services. The Mpathix solution can play a key role in helping wireless service providers overcome these challenges:

Increase ARPU:
Since Mpathix enables carriers to ride the cost curve, wireless service providers can profitably offer voicemail to all subscribers and increased voicemail usage can generate airtime charges. What's more, the broad feature set allows carriers to provide differentiated voicemail packages and capture additional revenue from customers seeking advanced functionality. The missed call notification features improves network efficiency with higher call completion rates and generates additional revenue for service providers.

For an example of how features can be combined to target different wireless market segments, click here.

Reduce Customer Churn:
The MX Platform uses best-of-breed, commercially available hardware and software, which results in significantly lower development costs than those of legacy vendors. This provides carriers with a significant cost advantage, enabling them to profitably increase customer loyalty by offering lower voicemail prices than their competitors.

Introduce New Services:
The open architecture approach and integration of the latest 3rd party technologies makes the MX platform ideal for introducing new services such as speech navigation and text-to-speech.