Solutions: Wireless Carriers: Sample Bundles
A voicemail package with very limited call answering capabilities targeted to customers who are reluctant to use or pay for voicemail. The low cost of ownership of the Mpathix solution allows wireless service providers to provide voicemail for a minimal fee (or even free) to these subscribers, increasing air-time revenue for voicemail retrieval and improved call completion. Carriers can also use this offering to remain competitive and educate customers about the benefits of voicemail with the possibility of upselling in the future.

Basic Consumer:
A voicemail package with limited voicemail capability offered to the average customer. Carriers can charge a small monthly fee for a voicemail package with more message storage capacity than a mailbox-on-demand/prepaid class of service.

Advanced Consumer:
A voicemail package targeted to sophisticated voicemail subscribers (such as Small Office/Home Office users). These customers find value in advanced features such as messaging between mailboxes, combined mailboxes, and unified messaging. Service providers can charge a premium for this enhanced voicemail package.

A voicemail package targeted to corporate voicemail customers. These subscribers find value in advanced features such as faxmail, busy/no answer greetings, call sender rebound and manual outdial. Carriers can charge a significant premium for this advanced functionality.

To see a sample class of service for each of these market segments, click here.