Solutions: Wireline Carriers
Wireline service providers face a number of challenges, including the need to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of network equipment, while maintaining or increasing revenue in the face of fierce competition. The Mpathix solution can play a key role in helping wireline carriers overcome these challenges:

Reduce TCO:
Since the MX Platform is based on industry-proven, commercially available hardware, a voicemail system from Mpathix requires significantly lower capital expenditures than a system from a legacy vendor. The open architecture approach also reduces operating expenses and licensing fees.

Increase Revenue:
Voicemail is a proven revenue generator and with the platform's low cost of ownership, carriers can profitably increase voicemail penetration rates. The feature set also allows service providers to offer differentiated voicemail packages and capture additional revenue from customers seeking advanced functionality. For business subscribers, Mpathix Auto Attendant delivers enhanced value and is a proven revenue-generating business service.
For an example of how features can be combined to target different wireline market segments, click here.

Beat the Competition:
The Mpathix solution gives carriers a cost advantage over the competition and positively impacts their bottom line. More importantly, the MX Platform is able to rapidly integrate new technologies, enabling service providers to profitably introduce new services at a price customers are willing to pay.

Lower the Cost of Outsourcing:
Many carriers choose outsourcing as a quick solution for providing voicemail to their subscribers. But at a cost per mailbox much higher than owning a system outright, why not buy? With Mpathix, service providers benefit from owning and controlling their voicemail technology at a cost per mailbox that is typically more affordable than even the cheapest outsourcer.