Solutions: Wireline Carriers: Sample Bundles
Basic Consumer:
A voicemail package with limited voicemail capability offered to the average customer. Carriers charge a small monthly fee for this service or use it as part of a bundle with other value added services.

Advanced Consumer:
A voicemail package targeted to sophisticated voicemail subscribers (such as Small Office/Home Office users). These customers find value in advanced features such as personal greetings, messaging to other mailboxes, and combined mailboxes. Service providers can charge a premium for this enhanced voicemail package.

A voicemail package targeted to households. These customers are willing to pay a premium for a voicemail system that allows each user to privately retrieve their own messages.

A voicemail package targeted to corporate voicemail customers. These subscribers find value in advanced features such as scheduled greetings, unified messaging, call sender rebound and manual outdial. Carriers can charge a significant premium for this advanced functionality.

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